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Word for Mac 2011 bring big changes. VBA is back! Word 2011 is more like it’s Window’s counterpart than ever before. The ribbon is a big change, but users are finding that once they get used to the new feature they are more productive. Word 2011 includes improved collaboration tools that supports Microsoft SharePoint, SkyDrive, simultaneous document editing and Microsoft’s Information Rights Management (IRM) tools. Definitely a recommended upgrade.

Office 2011: Word FAQ Word Pages

Other Mac MVP Word  Sites

Microsoft’s Word Pages

  • Known issues in Word 2011
  • Word 2011 Help & How-To
  • Word 2008 Help & How-To
    • Learning Roadmap for Word
      • Become familiar with Word
      • Create and format documents
      • Become familiar with Word
      • Use templates to customize your documents
      • Enhance your documents by using themes, pictures, and other objects
      • Add the finishing touches to a document
      • Share and collaborate on documents
      • Explore other useful resources
    • Mactopia’s “Get started with Word 2008” : This video provides the overview you need to get up to speed fast.
      • Use the new Elements Gallery to add a cover page, table of contents, and other document elements.
      • Use the redesigned Toolbox to format text and pictures.
      • Explore notebook layout view and publishing layout view.
      • Switch between document views.
      • Run automated workflows from the Script menu.
    • So that’s how (great Word features): Online tutorial
      • Create a new document by using a professionally designed template.
      • Visually enhance a document by using clip art and photos.
      • Add a cover sheet, table of contents, and other document elements.
      • Check a document to make sure that it’s compatible with other versions of Office.
      • Take written notes and record audio notes in notebook layout view.
    • Office Elements Gallery: In this course, you will learn how to
      • Display and hide the Elements Gallery.
      • Find the different areas of the Elements Gallery.
      • Add a header to a Word document.
      • Apply a theme and slide layout to a PowerPoint presentation.
      • Add ledger sheets to an Excel workbook.
    • Using Themes: This online tutorial will teach you how to
      • Identify the elements of an Office theme.
      • Apply a theme to a PowerPoint presentation.
      • Create a custom theme.
      • Save and reuse your custom theme in a Word document.
    • Using Styles: In this online course, you will learn how to find
      • Open the Styles panel on the Formatting Palette.
      • Find and recognize the different types of Word styles.
      • Quickly find, select, and remove all instances of an applied style.
      • Apply and modify built-in Word styles.
      • Create and apply your own custom styles.

Other Helpful Links


Word Tips:

  1. In Word you can’t merge to email unless you first make Outlook the default email client. You do that in Outlook > Preferences > General where you click the Make Default button.
  2. How do locate the normal.dotm file on my computer?  You can find normal.dotm in a new location. ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office. If your file is not there, open Word, then go to Preferences>File Locations and read the entry in “User Templates”.
  3. Audio Notes- How long can you record? The length of the recording is limited only by how much disk space you have. Do not push a Word document above two gigabytes, which should give you about a day’s recording, depending on what you are recording and at what quality.
  4. How do you change the defaults? See the Word Help topic “Change the default settings for new documents”

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