Need to ask someone a question?

Consider these options:

Mac user Groups

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge about Macs and socialize with others who use Macs then join a Mac User Group (MUG). Many offer services to help you find personal consultants who may provide their services for free or charge a fee.

Consulting Services

Need help with installing Office for Mac or help with Entourage and Outlook? Are you a new Mac user? Contact Diane Ross for one-to-one help at reasonable rates.

Forums and Mailing lists

We cannot provide our visitors personal consultation through our website but we and other experienced Office for Mac users do answer questions on the following forums and mailing lists. These are free ways of communicating with other product users and both typically require you to subscribe using a valid email address before you can ask a question.

Forums are accessible using a web browser such as Safari or Firefox. You can view messages on most forums without subscribing, however, you must subscribe in order to ask a question. Some forums, but not all, will email you when someone has replied to your question. Forums generally have higher traffic, which means more people are likely to see your question.

Mailing lists require you to subscribe and messages come directly to your email Inbox. Subscribers can send a question to the list and everyone subscribed will receive the question. Anyone can answer. Mailing lists are easier to use but have lower traffic than forums, which means fewer people are likely to see your question.

office 2011 product boxesOffice for Mac Forum
For general questions about installing, licensing and administering Office for Mac

entourage iconEntourage Forum
For questions related to all versions of Entourage for Mac

OutlookOutlook Forum
For questions related to Outlook for Mac 2011 or later

Exchange Server Forum

For questions related to Exchange Server configuration and administration

Apple LogoApple Support Communities
For questions related to all Apple products (not Microsoft products)

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