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powerpoint iconPowerPoint for Mac 2011 includes many improvements over PowerPoint 2008. The ribbon in PowerPoint is one of the improvements along with enhanced support for QuickTime movies, path animations, features for sharing and collaboration that makes upgrading to Office for Mac 2011 an easy decision. PowerPoint Pages

Microsoft’s PowerPoint Pages

  • Known issues in PowerPoint 2011
  • PowerPoint 2011 Help & How-To
  • PowerPoint 2008 Help & How-To
    • Learning Roadmap for PowerPoint 2008
      • Become familiar with PowerPoint
      • Design a presentation
      • Add and format pictures, tables and other objects
      • Add actions, sounds, and movies to a presentation
      • Save. reuse. and share a presentation
      • Prepare and present
      • Explore other useful resources
    • Getting Started with PowerPoint 2008: Video
      • Use the new Elements Gallery to apply slide themes, layouts, transitions, and insert SmartArt graphics.
      • Use different presentation views to work with and arrange slides.
      • Open and use the re-designed Toolbox to format text and pictures.
      • Run automated workflows from the Script menu.
    • So That’s How (Great PowerPoint Features) Course
      • Quickly give all text, charts, backgrounds, and tables a consistent look.
      • Create attractive information graphics and diagrams from text.
      • Accurately align everything on your slide.
      • Save presentations in the best format for your audience.
      • Organize and import slides directly from other PowerPoint presentations.
      • Use presenter tools while your audience sees only what you want them to see.
    • Office Elements Gallery Course
      • Display and hide the Elements Gallery.
      • Find the different areas of the Elements Gallery.
      • Add a header to a Word document.
      • Apply a theme and slide layout to a PowerPoint presentation.
      • Add ledger sheets to an Excel workbook.
    • Customize Your Presentation with Slide Layouts
    • Using Transitions & Animations:
      • Apply a transition to all slides in a presentation.
      • Change the transition speed and add a sound.
      • Delete a transition.
      • Apply animation effects to a picture and text.
      • Customize, reorder, replace, and delete animation effects.
      • Preview transitions and animations.


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