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Setup Script

Connecting Microsoft Outlook for Mac to an Exchange Server is not always easy for the typical end-user. If he’s lucky then the network has been properly configured to help him discover his Exchange Server and he can take advantage of Outlook’s automatic setup feature. But that’s not always the case.

DNS must be properly configured to enable Microsoft Outlook 2011 to discover its user’s Exchange Server and LDAP server or it must be configured to support AutoDiscover with Exchange Server 2007 or higher. Not all environments are properly configured to do this.

Even with AutoDiscover, however, user preferences cannot be configured. Common rules, signatures, attachment settings, etc., must be set individually.

Outlook for Mac Exchange Setup 4.0 is a new set of scripts based on my Entourage Exchange Setup scripts that assist a Macintosh administrator in the pre-configuration of Outlook for Mac settings so that users will have common default preferences and will not be exposed to the details of having to set up their own Exchange accounts. Every company’s network is different so this script was written to provide enough ideas for a novice scripter to be able to adapt it for use in his network in just a few minutes.

The entire user experience can be made as simple as logging in to a workstation for the first time, launching Outlook for Mac and working immediately. Just a few seconds.

Download Outlook for Mac Exchange Setup 4.0.1

Recent changes

Version 4.0.1, Released November 13, 2010

  • Separated E-mail address and Display Name settings into two simpler properties to better address multiple types of account settings.
  • Corrected some settings where first name and last name may have been reversed.
  • Simplified the creation of the Me Contact record. Depending on the E-mail address format chosen, this part of the script may have thrown an error but appeared as if the schedule or work offline settings were throwing the error.
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