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Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Microsoft’s Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a free web-based tool that assists Exchange administrators with the testing and configuration of their external Exchange-based services. For example, it can assist in troubleshooting Autodiscover settings used by Entourage, Web Services Edition, or Outlook for Mac, which use the Exchange Web Services protocol.

Site security

This website is intended for use by Exchange administrators who can test their servers using a test Exchange account. Although anyone can use his own Exchange account credentials, the site requires the user to provide a user name and password. Using a test account guarantees that sensitive information is not associated with the account.

LockAlso, administrators can verify ownership of the site by clicking the lock icon used by most web browsers to indicate a secure HTTPS connection. This reveals the server’s SSL security certificate.

Analyzer certificate

Using the site

To test Exchange account connectivity or Autodiscover settings, use any web browser to connect to Select Synchronization, Notification, Availability, and Automatic Replies (OOF) and click Next.

Analyzer home page

The site next requests account information of a user or test account on your Exchange server or in your Windows domain. Enter the account’s E-mail address, user name and password. To test Autodiscover, select the option Use Autodiscover to detect settings. If Autodiscover is not enabled on the external server then select the option Specify Exchange Web Services URL and then manually enter the external server address.

Read and accept the security warning for supplying account information and enter the characters listed in the captcha. Click Perform Test to begin.

Analyzer account information

The analyzer displays its progress as it tests various server addresses, services and DNS records.

Analyzer progress

When the tests are complete the analyzer will return either a successful result or failure. Failures are returned in hierarchal form. As administrators troubleshoot they can correct issues lower in the hierarchy and work their way to the top until they address all connectivity issues.

Analyzer results

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