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Volume licensing

Volume licensing is only available to organizations needing five or more licenses to install Office for Mac. Each organization has to weigh its own costs with regard to volume licensing as it is more expensive per seat than purchasing a retail license. The biggest con to volume licensing is certainly the price. The pros are:

  1. Single key – one license to push to every machine.
  2. No activation. (Activation for retail products was added in Office 2011.)
  3. The ability to install now and pay later for those last minute new hire requests.
  4. Depending on the Microsoft agreement, the privilege to downgrade to an older version of Office.
  5. Depending on the Microsoft agreement, a technical account manager who can escalate issues.
  6. Depending on the Microsoft agreement, the privilege to true-up once per year or on a regular basis.
  7. Access to updated media. For example, volume licenses customers can download an Office for Mac 12.2.2 installer rather than installing 12.0.0, 12.1.0, 12.2.0 and 12.2.2 first.
  8. The ability to subscribe to some products rather than license them.
  9. Communicator for Mac and Lync for Mac are only available to volume license customers.
  10. The privilege for employees to participate in the Microsoft Home Use Program.

Not every organization’s volume license agreement will cover everything listed above. Some levels of support require volume licensing.

Before making any decisions for or against volume licensing, read about volume licensing for Office for Mac and definitely speak with someone who handles volume licensing at Microsoft or on behalf of Microsoft. Third party websites such as can manage volume licensing on behalf of Microsoft.

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