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Microsoft Home Use Program

Microsoft offers Office for Mac (and Windows) at a substantially discounted rate to employees of companies with volume license agreements for Office and that are enrolled in its Microsoft Home Use Program (MSHUP) This allows employees to install Microsoft Office on their home computers and use it for company purposes. Cost for a an Office license under the program is approximately $9.95 USD.

The program has the following requirements:

  1. The company must be a Microsoft Office volume license customer and enrolled in the Microsoft Home User Program.
  2. The employees must be current Microsoft Office volume license users at their company to be eligible to purchase the MSHUP license for home.
  3. The employer must provide the employees notification that they are eligible for the program.
  4. If an employee leaves the company then he must terminate use of the software. The employer, however, will not be responsible for the employee’s actions.
  5. If the company terminates its Software Assurance agreement with Microsoft then its employees must terminate home use of the software as well.
  6. Only one license of Office (Windows or Mac) may be purchased through the program.

Employees will receive the retail equivalent of Office for home use (Microsoft Office Home & Business), however, the volume license version they use at work (a.k.a Microsoft Office Standard) contains two additional features or products:

  • Communicator and Lync
  • Information Rights Management support

The company is allowed to provide employees the Communicator or Lync software for home use or they can download the Lync software directly from Digital River. They will be unable to access IRM servers.

For additional information read the Microsoft Home Use Program Download FAQ‘s.

When visiting the MSHUP site, employees may select Office for Mac 2011 after verifying eligibility but before completing their purchase.

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