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Remove Office

Microsoft Office 2011 doesn’t ship with a Remove Office application as did earlier versions. Users may, however, have a need to remove it for troubleshooting purposes, to transfer it to another computer or simply because they are moving to a different product and no longer want the product.

This article describes three options for removing Microsoft Office 2011.

  • Manual removal
  • Scripted removal
  • Packaged uninstaller

Manually remove files

The simplest way to remove all of Microsoft Office 2011 is to locate its files, drag them to the Trash, log out and log in again. After logging in again, empty the Trash.

Scripted removal

Administrators who need to remove Office from multiple computers will need to create or locate a script that can be deployed easily and quickly. The following shell script example offers a basic solution. It must be run as root or using sudo:

An AppleScript version of this script would look like:

For non-scripters

Administrators who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with scripting can use a free tool such as InstallEase from Absolute Manage. InstallEase has a feature to create an Apple Installer package that will remove files rather than install them.

  1. Launch the InstallEase application and click the Start button.
    InstallEase Start
  2. Select the Manually option and click the Continue button. Do not select the Uninstaller package option. It does not work with the .mpkg file format of the Office Installer.mpkg file.
    InstallEase Manually
  3. Referencing the Office 2011 installed files list, drag each file or top level folder into the Snapshot Data window. Items will appear under the Installation Root package and appear under the same folder hierarchy as they do on the hard drive. Click the Continue button.
  4. On the Create Package window, select the Uninstaller package for Apple Installer (.pkg) option and click the Create… button.
    InstallEase Create Package
  5. Save the new package as Remove Office 2011.pkg or a similar name.

To use the Remove Office 2011.pkg package either double-click it or deploy it using a tool such as Apple Remote Desktop. The package contains no payload (no files) but instead runs a postflight script that removes the files listed in the Snapshot Data window.

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