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Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) is the most commonly used tool for deploying software and managing Macs. It can be used to install Microsoft Lync for Mac directly to a computer or it can copy multiple files to a computer and execute UNIX commands to install the software.

Default deployment

To deploy Lync for Mac to one or more computers:

  1. Select the machines.
  2. Click the Install button.
  3. Drag the Lync Installer.mpkg file into the top field or click the + button to locate the file.
  4. Use the default settings or modify them as needed. A reboot is not necessary.
  5. Click the Install button to install the software immediately or click the Schedule… button to install the software later.
    ARD Lync Installer

Send UNIX Command deployment

Administrators may choose to deploy Office for Mac via UNIX commands through ARD. This is preferable when software has been distributed to machines early for installation at a later time, when using an Installer choices file or when needing to run other commands before or after installing the software.

To deploy Office for Mac to one or more computers using the Send UNIX Command with an Installer choices file:

  1. Select the machines.
  2. Click the Copy Items button.
  3. Drag the Lync Installer.mpkg file into the top field or click the + button to locate the file.
  4. Add the Installer choices XML file to the list.
  5. Place the files to the /private/tmp directory. They will be deleted automatically the next time the computer is restarted.
  6. Click the Copy button to transfer the files to the remote computers.
    ARD Copy Items
  7. After files have been distributed to the remote computers, click the Send UNIX Command button.
  8. Enter a list of commands to send to the machines including the command to install the Lync Installer.mpkg file using the Installer choices file (one line):

    installer -package "/private/tmp/Lync Installer.mpkg" -target / -applyChoiceChangesXML /private/tmp/mychoices.xml

  9. Run the command as root since the installer requires administrative privileges.
  10. Click the Send button to execute the UNIX command on the remote computers.ARD Send UNIX Command
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