Problems when using contractions

ISSUE: When typing contractions in Outlook you will see them show as misspelled along with other odd behavior like beeping, window losing focus and not being able to enter any new characters. These are two separate issues: 1) auto capitalization, changing I’ll into I’Ll and 2) false spell check underline.

The recent Mac Office 14.2.5 release did not contain a fix for these issues. The following was posted by Scott_MSFT on the Microsoft Forums on . . .

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Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011

You might have seen the directions to quit Safari before installing or updating Office 2011. If you are wondering why…. Office 2011 installs Internet Plugins ( SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin). Outlook also uses the Safari WebKit for rendering HTML so if Safari is left open when installing this could result in problems.

The installer only looks for the three most popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) to quit. If you are running another browser be sure to . . .

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