Academic version available for Office 2011

Microsoft will offer an academic edition for Office 2011. The Academic edition of Office 2011 is available only to higher education students and contains one activation. It is equivalent to the Home & Business edition (contains Outlook with Exchange support) but is not available to the general public. Students must purchase their copy through qualified educational channels.

Microsoft Office 2011 will offer these editions:

Academic Edition full packaged product (FPP) can be acquired from . . .

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Verify 12.2.1 update

You can verify that the 12.2.1 updater was successfully installed using two methods:

About Entourage will show the installed info Check the Microsoft Component Plugin

Note: About Word, About Excel, About PowerPoint will also give you the version info for the application and the update installed. (added 08/07/09)

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In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was Claris Emailer. Mac users came to know and love the application. When Apple banished Emailer saying ‘you can no longer be developed‘, users cried in anguish. Fleeing the land of the banished, Emailer’s developers took their ideas and moved to the land of Microsoft.

To understand Entourage’s history, you have to go back to its roots in Claris Emailer. Emailer began it’s life when developer, Jud Spencer worked for Fog . . .

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Confused over Microsoft Update Version numbers?

Are you ever confused over whether your Office update was successful? You check Entourage under the About menu and it says 11.3.3, but the latest update was 11.3.5. What gives! Are you updated or not?

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