Twitter Feedback

Thank you for following us on Twitter! If we replied to your tweet with this link, it’s because we are unable to give you any type of comprehensive answer using the limitations of 140 characters. If you need individual help, we’ll be happy to assist on the Microsoft for Mac Product Forums.

How to Report a Problem

Before you report a problem, 1) make sure you are updated, 2) restart your Mac, 3) run Repair . . .

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Follow us on Twitter

You might have noticed that the Entourage Help Blog is now on twitter from our sidebar twitter updates. If you are suffering from twitter overload, don’t worry. You’ll get announcements for blog posts as well as tidbits related to Entourage but we don’t use it as a social medium for chatting. Because of the limitations to message size, it’s obviously not a good medium to ask questions and get any type of meaningful reply, but . . .

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