Free Word 2011 Toolbar

Jim Gordon, Microsoft Macintosh MVP and co-author of Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies created toolbar for Word 2011 that includes frequent commands. To download and for more info, visit Jim’s site.

Wanted: toolbar buttons!

If you ever open Entourage and want to create a new item, you may notice that the all the buttons in the toolbar are missing. You may perhaps know that the latest version of Entourage, Entourage 2008, allows you to customise the toolbar, and you may also have been told on the Entourage newsgroup that you should right-click the toolbar and choose the “Customize Toolbar” option from the contextual menu to restore any missing buttons. That sounds like solid advice, but the only problem is: there is no toolbar to right-click! If this is the case, you have encountered a poorly documented feature in Mac OS X that can be highly useful once you know how to use it. And what is even better: you can solve this problem in just one click! . . .

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