Fix for PPC users on Tiger updating Office 2008

Office 2008 users on a PowerPC (PPC) running Tiger (10.4.xx ) that applied the Microsoft Office 12.2.7 updater might need to do this fix in order for the Microsoft AutoUpdater (MAU) to work correctly.

Locate this folder: Library/Application Support/Microsoft

Option 1: If you have not installed 12.2.8 updater….

Remove the MAU and MERP folder (just trash them), and then run the 12.2.8 update. They will get the correct version of MAU and MERP. Restart . . .

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Backup Entourage

When losing your data is not an option, learn how to backup your Entourage data. . . .

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Entourage and Time Machine

Time Machine is a breakthrough automatic backup feature that’s built right into Mac OS X Leopard, but for Entourage users it’s recommended that you exclude your Identity from Time Machine.

Time Machine creates hourly backups and will create a copy of your database every time anything new is added to Entourage. This can quickly fill up your Time Machine drive.

One option is to add your Identity to your original Time Machine backup then exclude . . .

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