Microsoft revamps features for Outlook for Mac 15

Outlook 15

Microsoft released Outlook for Mac 15, departing from its history of bundling the application with its Office for Mac suite. Also new was that the release was targeted exclusively at Office 365 customers and not made available as a standalone product. It required activation via online subscription and offered no method for entering a serial number for perpetual use of the product.

The application was referenced in Office Blogs simply as “Outlook for Mac”. It . . .

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OS X 10.8 removes iTunes sync support with Outlook for Mac

Update: After a few comments from folks saying they are not seeing issues I retested syncing on a clean install of Mountain Lion and Office 14.2.3. Indeed, they’re correct. Syncing between Outlook for Mac and Mountain Lion’s Calendar and Contacts applications is working as expected. Although, I made efforts to test carefully the first time I can only assume I made a mistake in my efforts. Apologies to anyone I’ve misled.


Today, on my . . .

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Calendar syncing in Outlook

[Jun 12, 2015 Since this article was written, Sync Services have been depreciated further. Outlook 2011 will only sync via Exchange. There is no sync for local contacts and calendars. Office 2016 Preview does not offer sync to CalDAV and CardDAV needed to sync to Apple’s iCloud or Google Contacts and Calendars.]


Based on 500+ searches today for calendar syncing, I thought I should publish the most current info on Sync Services. Currently, there . . .

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Hot Topics for Entourage 2008

Let’s catch up on what’s been going on since the release of Office 2008. As usual, after an update the disappointments seem to overshadow the positives. User disappointment in features still missing continue to raise high concern that after 4 years, features (especially for Exchange Support) are still missing. Many concerns have solutions that will be addressed in an update. Some features might not come until the next version of Office. I can say that . . .

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