Don’t waste time with unbusinesslike signatures

This is a rant.

At work I spend a fair portion of my time looking up phone numbers, weeding through E-mail messages and cleaning up E-mail replies. My job in IT requires me to respond to a lot of messages for help and, in turn, request help from others. The majority of my business correspondence is with the users I support, IT folks within my organization and external vendors. To get what I want from . . .

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Signature Blocks and Netiquette

Have you ever noticed the dashes before a signature? “– ” (two hyphens, a space, and a line break) on a line by itself. They are known as sig dashes, signature cut line and sig-marker. This is the first line of a signature. Entourage automatically includes the sig dashes when you create a signature using Signatures under Tools in the menu bar.

. . .

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