Using Outlook with Word, Excel & PowerPoint

FAQs How do you use email merge with Word? When I select File > Share> Email As Attachment from Word, Excel or PowerPoing, Apple Mail opens even though I have set Outlook as default. Can I compose a message using Word then send with Outlook for Mac? How do I insert clip art into a mail message without first putting it into a Word document and then dragging it to the message? All the Excel . . .

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If you don’t find a solution, post a question in Microsoft for Mac Product Forums

Before you report a problem

Make sure you are updated Restart your Mac Run Repair Permissions using Disk Utility Check to see if your question has already been answered. Look in Help (it’s under Help in the Menu Bar) or search for answers. If you still can’t find the answer then ask on the Microsoft for Mac Product Forums. . . .

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