Set Outlook 2016 for Mac as default email app

Thanks to sandboxing, there is no setting in Outlook 2016 for Mac Preferences to set Outlook as the default email app. You can read the Microsoft KB: Outlook 2016 for Mac cannot be set as the default application in Mac OS X Yosemite for details on why this option was removed.

To set Outlook as default, you have open Apple Mail > Preferences > General tab to set Outlook as default. However there is a . . .

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Office Preferences

If one or more Office for Mac applications fails to open or frequently quits the issue may be due to a corrupt preference file. Deleting a corrupt preference file won’t negatively impact Office. It recreates them as necessary. Rarely does removing and installing Office correct any problems.

Preference files store just that—your preferences. They include the last window you had open, its size, your preferred fonts, etc. You may need to configure a few preferences . . .

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Basics: Folders On My Computer

With the new unified Inbox option in Outlook that groups your Inboxes, Drafts, Deleted Items and Junk folders, some users are confused over mail that is downloaded to their computer or mail that is on the server. More info on the unified Inbox.

What are folders “On My Computer”?

Messages that are in folders under “On My Computer” are stored on your computer. Exchange users often archive messages from their Exchange account to “On My . . .

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New features in Outlook-unified inbox

If you’ve used Apple Mail or iPhone OS 4.0, you’re already familiar with the unified Inbox. By default, the Outlook folder list groups similar folders (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Deleted Items ) from all your POP, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange accounts. This feature can make it easier to read all your messages. However, you can turn off this feature so that each account and all it’s folders are separated in the folder list. Unchecking reverts to . . .

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Exchange FAQs

If you don’t find a solution, post a question in Microsoft for Mac Product Forums

Before you report a problem

Make sure you are updated Restart your Mac Run Repair Permissions using Disk Utility Check to see if your question has already been answered. Look in Help (it’s under Help in the Menu Bar) or search for answers. If you still can’t find the answer then ask on the Microsoft for Mac Product . . .

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Switch from Mail to Entourage

Are you using Apple Mail, but want to make the switch to Microsoft Entourage? Confused over the differences and how to get started? See Switch from Apple Mail to Entourage to answer your questions and get you started.

This article focuses on Mail 3 (part of Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”) and Entourage 2008. Most statements made in this article are true for Mail 2 and Entourage 2004, but some newer features are only available . . .

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My Day menu bar fix requires change to application permissions

Entourage 2008’s kid brother called My Day has a preference to either show its icon in the Dock or to show its icon in the Mac OS menu bar. Multiple posters in the newsgroup and elsewhere have reported problems with making the change from Dock to menu bar. A MacBU developer for Entourage provided the fix.

. . .

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