Basics: Folders On My Computer

With the new unified Inbox option in Outlook that groups your Inboxes, Drafts, Deleted Items and Junk folders, some users are confused over mail that is downloaded to their computer or mail that is on the server. More info on the unified Inbox.

What are folders “On My Computer”?

Messages that are in folders under “On My Computer” are stored on your computer. Exchange users often archive messages from their Exchange account to “On My . . .

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Terms used with Entourage, Outlook & Apple Account Archive (zip) “Archive and Install” of the Mac OS Autofil, Autocomplete or Most Recently Used (MRU) AutoUpdate (MAU) Daemons Database for Entourage Digital Signatures Domain Encryption File Extensions Identity/User IMAP and POP Accounts Invisible files Jargon Log Out/In Mac not MAC Mac BU MERP MBOX Microsoft AU daemon Microsoft User Data folder (MUD) Most Recently Used (MRU) a.k.a. AutoComplete list MVP Notifications Online Access Packages POP Accounts . . .

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Hotmail accounts as IMAP

Hotmail users have lost functionality when Hotmail switched over to POP access recently. To get back IMAP, sign up to beta test mBox Mail for Mac. . . .

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