Sync FAQs

Sync Services is a central database on your Macintosh computer that keeps track of applications and devices that share information. You can use Sync Services to synchronize your Outlook contacts with other applications, such as the Apple Address Book and MobileMe.

If you have an Exchange account, you do not use the Sync Services central database. You are syncing to the data on the Exchange server. For this reason, you’ll have fewer issues with sync . . .

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Entourage for EWS: Sync iPhone contact photos

Although Entourage Web Services Edition has been available to the public since August, my company only recently updated to Exchange Server 2007 in November. Most of the new features were pre-announced, but now that I can see and test them, I thought I’d try to cover them in a few posts on the subject. My favorite feature so far is syncing iPhone photos. Keep in mind that this feature can more than likely work with . . .

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