Updating to 10.6.7 with Office for Mac

Some users are reporting problems with Office 2011 after updating to 10.6.7. The font issue affects older versions of Office as well.

Outlook 2011 users unable to reply or create new emails 10.6.7 breaks OpenType PostScript fonts

Issue 1: Even though Apple does not require you to quit your Office 2011 applications, you should quit applications before updating. I suggest that you quit all running applications by logging out under the Apple in the Menu . . .

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Print to PDF and attach to Outlook for Mac

This isn’t a new feature but it’s worth a reminder that PDFs can be printed directly to Outlook as attachments. I mentioned this feature in the Office for Mac forums a few days ago in response to my post about using Automator to create a similar service and folks have really enjoyed the tip. It has that gee-whiz factor and comes in handy when you want to send your current document to someone via E-mail.

. . .

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PowerPoint How-Tos


Use a relational database in Mac Office? Insert a .WMV movie into Mac PowerPoint? Optimize Mac presentations for Windows PowerPoint? Use Make Movie to create a QuickTime presentation for use on Windows? Insert a picture from file/camera/scanner and size it to fit the slide in one step? Create PDFs from Mac PowerPoint? Create a presentation for distribution on CD? PowerPoint How to articles on Jim Gordon’s Macintosh PowerPoint Page How to link Excel Data . . .

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