Microsoft releases Office 2011 for Mac 14.1.2 Update

Microsoft has released the 14.1.2 Update for Office 2011 (108.9MB). Updaters do not include an uninstaller. Make sure you have a backup and/or zip the Microsoft Office folder in Applications first in case you need to revert. Be sure to read the update FAQs before updating.


Mac OS X v10.5.8 or a later version of the Mac OS X operating system. Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 (14.1.0)

Improvements for all Microsoft . . .

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Sync FAQs

Sync Services is a central database on your Macintosh computer that keeps track of applications and devices that share information. You can use Sync Services to synchronize your Outlook contacts with other applications, such as the Apple Address Book and MobileMe.

If you have an Exchange account, you do not use the Sync Services central database. You are syncing to the data on the Exchange server. For this reason, you’ll have fewer issues with sync . . .

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Using iPhoto ’11 with Outlook 2011

MacFixIt posted directions on how to fix iPhoto ’11 scripts to use with Outlook in this article Fix for e-mailing from iPhoto ’11 using Microsoft Outlook 2011.

[Update: Sending photos in Mountain Lion with iPhoto 9.4.1]


Outlook has a new database and you’ll find rebuilding easier and faster than rebuilding an Entourage database. Read about the new database in this post: Outlook, Outlook, how does your Database grow?

Often when importing from an older version, you will need to export your data as .rge or .mbox files rather than selecting to import from an older Identity. See the Entourage Help Page for instruction. We are also seeing issues importing large .PST . . .

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Calendar syncing in Outlook

[Jun 12, 2015 Since this article was written, Sync Services have been depreciated further. Outlook 2011 will only sync via Exchange. There is no sync for local contacts and calendars. Office 2016 Preview does not offer sync to CalDAV and CardDAV needed to sync to Apple’s iCloud or Google Contacts and Calendars.]


Based on 500+ searches today for calendar syncing, I thought I should publish the most current info on Sync Services. Currently, there . . .

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Optimize Entourage to better work with Exchange

Why is connecting Entourage to Exchange is so tricky sometimes? Mail might work but public folders don’t appear. Maybe the Global Address List (GAL) just doesn’t work. Or maybe getting new messages is just very slooow. The solutions to these problems lie with knowing when to use the right server, knowing how Entourage talks with Exchange and tweaking other software to reduce interference.

. . .

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How Entourage works with a mailbox on an Exchange Server

Recommended reading: Amir Haque’s blog post: How Does Entourage Work? The article explains how Entourage works with a mailbox on an Exchange Server. This blog article will encompass the currently supported versions of Entourage & Exchange Server, i.e. Entourage 2004 & 2008, and Exchange 2000, 2003 & 2007. Let’s list all the different features in Entourage for which it needs to talk to Exchange Server or any other server in a Windows Active Directory based . . .

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