Microsoft releases Communicator for Mac 2011 13.1.3 update

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Communicator for Mac 2011 13.1.3 Update. (25.4 MB) Communicator for Mac is only available to Office for Mac volume license customers and is not available to the general public.

This update adds support for both Cisco and Juniper VPN clients and fixes an issue with the ServerAddressInternal setting used within Mac OS X managed preferences (MCX).

The 13.1.3 update is available as a downloadable updater as well as the Microsoft . . .

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Administrators can use Managed Preferences (MCX) to better control behavior of Office 2011 for Mac. Prior to this version, most preferences were not stored in .plist file format, which is necessary for MCX. The following .plist files and keys can be used with Open Directory, Active Directory with an extended schema, Defaults, third party products that support MCX and local computer MCX policies.

By disabling Office FirstRun items, hiding welcome windows and hiding the document . . .

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