Volume licensing

Volume licensing is only available to organizations needing five or more licenses to install Office for Mac. Each organization has to weigh its own costs with regard to volume licensing as it is more expensive per seat than purchasing a retail license. The biggest con to volume licensing is certainly the price. The pros are:

Single key – one license to push to every machine. No activation. (Activation for retail products was added in Office . . .

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Office 2011 to require activation

Starting with Office for Mac 2011, activation will be required. Now that activation is required. you also need to look at the differences in how many computers your license allows you to install Office for Mac 2011. If you have multiple computers, you’ll need to know how this affects which version you purchase.

. . .

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Compare editions

Office for Mac 2011 is released as six major editions. Each edition has a unique set of applications and licensing restrictions.

If you are a member of the United State Armed Forces then you may qualify for a “Military Appreciation” edition of the software. If you are a member of the Canadian Forces then you may qualify for a “Canadian Forces” edition of the software. These editions are for personal use only and available through . . .

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Licensing is all about what you’re allowed to do with Microsoft Office for Mac after you’ve purchased it.

You may think, “I purchased it, therefore I can do anything with it that I choose!” That’s not true! The following information explains what you need to know about licensing.

Software is ‘licensed’ and not sold

Commercial software (software that you’ve purchased) is licensed to you. But the developer of the software still holds the “copyright” (taken . . .

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EULA for Office for Mac 2011

Office for Mac 2011 Privacy Statement

Below are seven separate sets of License Terms for Office for Mac 2011 and related software. Only one set of license terms in Sections 1 to 4 may apply to you; Sections 5-7 may not apply to you. You can view the License Terms at any time by searching for Software License Agreement in Help.

Section 1: If you license Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 trial, the . . .

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Home & Student keys on eBay

When purchasing Office for Mac from eBay or any online site, please use caution. Make sure you get a sealed copy. Some users are selling product keys from the Home & Student version and sending you a copy of the Office installer DVD that they burned. This is illegal. They are also selling the key many times over and the keys are now blacklisted. You can no longer update Office for Mac 2008 using the . . .

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