Workaround when Updater fails

Are you having problems where the Office 2008 12.0.1 update installer fails with an alert saying there was nothing to update? One user on the newsgroup offered this solution:

Launch the updater Drag the installer to your desktop. Eject the virtual disk. Run the updater from the installer on your desktop. . . .

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Office 2008 Installs code for both Intel and PPC

Office for Mac 2008 Installer will install both sets of code (Intel/PPC) regardless of what machine type you are installing onto. This is common behavior for the Apple installer and is important in the cases where you are installing onto a drive that might be shared with Intel/PPC computers (such as an external travel drive, Network Boot servers, and Shared Network Application Folders).

According to developer Matt Centurión:

I’d like to tell you that it . . .

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