Continuing installation problems plague Office for Mac 14.2.4 update

Microsoft released the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.2.4 Update last Wednesday and within a few hours users were reporting two installation issues. This update was the latest of multiple recent updates for Office 2011 contributing to one or more issues with security, data loss or lack of functionality.

The 14.2.4 update had two installation issues. Microsoft announced workarounds for both.

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Don’t fight Gatekeeper to install Office for Mac updates

Apple released OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) on Wednesday and with it released its new security technology called Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper’s purpose is to watch as you download applications and installers from the Internet and verify they are legitimate software not malware. That’s a good thing.

Most of Microsoft’s Office for Mac installers and updaters are not “signed”, which means Gatekeeper may not allow you to install them or at least may make them difficult to . . .

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Resolve missing volume license when installing Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft has been able to reproduce an issue affecting volume license customers where the institution’s Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 license goes missing after updating to the Office for Mac 14.2.0 update (SP2) or the Office for Mac 14.2.1 update. This has affected both enterprise and educational institutions.

David Pelton, Release Test Lead for Microsoft’s Macintosh group, posted in both the JAMF Nation and munki forums that this can happen when installing a 14.0.0 or . . .

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Install Office 2008 on Lion

If you do a fresh install of Lion or need to re-install Microsoft Office 2008 at a future time, users that have an original DVD version 12.0.0 of Microsoft Office 2008 can install on Lion, but will need to do an additional step after installing from the DVD. Until this step is complete, Office 2008 cannot see any future updates. If you have Office 2008 v12.1.0 or later there are no special instructions.

See this . . .

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Quit Safari to install or update Office 2011

You might have seen the directions to quit Safari before installing or updating Office 2011. If you are wondering why…. Office 2011 installs Internet Plugins ( SharePointBrowserPlugin.plugin SharePointWebKitPlugin.webplugin). Outlook also uses the Safari WebKit for rendering HTML so if Safari is left open when installing this could result in problems.

The installer only looks for the three most popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) to quit. If you are running another browser be sure to . . .

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Office 2011 DVDs purchased from Best Buy fail on older computers

It seems that the Office 2011 DVDs purchased from Best Buy cannot be used on older computers that do not have a “superdrive”. You need a drive that can read double layered DVDs.

One user reported he returned it to the store and they attached a “superdrive” unit via USB port and Office 2011 was able to be installed. I suggest making a disk image in case you need to re-install in the future.

Install Office 2011

Tips for a successful install Be sure to read Steps for a successful install of Office 2011 before installing. To see a list of everything that gets installed see Installed files list for Office 2011 Check your fonts after installing. See Font Management Do you meet the requirements? See list of requirements Outlook for Mac requires Exchange server 2007 or higher. If you are still using Exchange 2003, you will need to continue to use . . .

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Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 both come as Apple Installer packages, which makes deployment to multiple computers easier. Depending on their environments, administrators may choose to repackage Office for Mac along with all updates included or push the installer and updates separately.

These are a few methods for deployment.

Apple Remote Desktop autoConfigDB.xml Casper Command line distribution.dist


Deploying Office 2011 using Casper can range from “Simple” to “Complex”. Each of the three methods described below has its advantages and disadvantages and no one method is ideal for everyone. The following table provides an overview:

< — Simple — Types of Deployment — Complex — > Drag & Drop Snapshot Scripted Pros • Takes no preparation • Easy to update • Customizable • Easy to uninstall • Highly customizable • Uses least disk . . .

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Command line

Apple’s Installer command line tool can install both Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 because they are delivered by Microsoft in Apple’s Package format. Command line installation is ideal for distribution of software to multiple computers because it can be done across the network from a central location. Shell scripts can call the Installer as part of a larger set of scripted commands making this one of the most versatile methods of delivering software.

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