In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was Claris Emailer. Mac users came to know and love the application. When Apple banished Emailer saying ‘you can no longer be developed‘, users cried in anguish. Fleeing the land of the banished, Emailer’s developers took their ideas and moved to the land of Microsoft.

To understand Entourage’s history, you have to go back to its roots in Claris Emailer. Emailer began it’s life when developer, Jud Spencer worked for Fog . . .

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A day in the life of Emailer-talk circa 1998

Emailer-talk was a very social list. We would often go off-topic to discuss Mac issues during lulls over Emailer issues of the day. During one of these times, a new list mom decided to lay down the law with the list. The result was a modern day Boston Tea Party.

The following is an excerpt from an email sent by John Gilmore to the list shortly after hordes of subscribers began to defect:

“The Internet . . .

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