New Help Topics available for Entourage 2008

Entourage 2008 Help now includes a feature that updates the Help files via online access. Recently added are ten new and updated topics.

One that I have been asking for since it was left out in Entourage 2004 Help is a description of the symbols used in Entourage. Compare a search using Offline search and Online search for “symbols.”

Several topics are updated for MobileMe. You can view these new topics via Mactopia’s Help and . . .

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Help in Entourage 2008

Office for Mac Help is often overlooked as a source for using Entourage. It’s the first place to look for help and often the fastest way to find answers. Keep reading to see what’s new in Help for Office 2008 applications.

Note added 092709: This article is about using Entourage’s Help. It is NOT about getting help. I’m closing all comments on the article. If you need help with a problem, ask on the . . .

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