Using My Day

A question came up on the You Talk list recently about Tasks. The following was posted by Nadyne Mielke, a user experience researcher for Microsoft.

My Day displays your Entourage tasks and calendar events. The default view gives you three calendar events and three tasks, but you can resize both sections (including completely hiding, so you can just not show the calendar section), and you can make the whole window as big as you want . . .

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This bug is really a new feature in SP1

Shawn, a co-worker in one of our Boston offices, was bitten today not by a bug but rather a new feature in Entourage 2008 SP1 (12.1.0). Every message he was receiving showed his correct E-mail address but the wrong display name. They looked something like this:

instead of this:

At first we thought possibly his Exchange account was incorrectly configured. A quick check of Active Directory showed everything was just fine.

Maybe, someone . . .

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