Daylight Saving Time

The US made the switch to Daylight Saving Time this past week-end. If you use Entourage 2004 or 2008 and it’s been running through the weekend, you’ll need to quit it and relaunch before it recognizes the time change.

DST takes effect on different dates world wide. To avoid scheduling mix-ups between 3/11/08 and 4/1/08, you may want to include the exact time and timezone of your meeting.

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Rebuilding a damaged database that exceeded size limit

This is a tip provided on the Macintosh News and Information List (Mac-L) list . It’s specifically for Entourage X, but the process might be useful for other versions of Entourage. Please send your feedback on your results if you try this method by leaving a comment.

Note added April 2009: This applies to any version of Entourage when trying to rebuild. The more space you have the more likely it will be successful. . . .

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