Office 2011 Font Management with Mavericks

Dealing with Duplicates

Currently, the Office 2011 installer removes some Apple duplicate fonts and moves them to Fonts Disabled folder in the main Library. This helps with the duplicate font issue, but they don’t remove all duplicates.

In addition to the fonts that were disabled by the installer, you also need to disable the following duplicate fonts from the Library/Fonts/Microsoft folder. A newer version TrueType font is available in the Library/Fonts folder.

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Sync Services still causing problems for some users after SP1

Some customers still see problem with Entourage’s Sync Service after upgrading to SP1. For example, they see frequent crashes in Entourage’s sync service and constantly see conflicts for the same set of contacts and events in the sync alert dialog although they have resolved the conflicts previously.

Solution: Reset sync service in Entourage and the sync service in the OS. Until you clean up your data stored in the truth (a special database that stores . . .

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Cleaning up duplicated events

(reposting a post from

Jolly Roger posted a very useful script on The script finds and deletes duplicated events in the calendar (not discriminating what calendar they are from).You can install this script in your Entourage Script folder. Download

You can find delete duplicate scripts for messages, events and contacts here: Delete Duplicates Page

[Note added: Use iCal Dupe Deleter. It’s much faster! Make sure Sync Services is enabled while you run iCal . . .

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