Microsoft revamps features for Outlook for Mac 15

Outlook 15

Microsoft released Outlook for Mac 15, departing from its history of bundling the application with its Office for Mac suite. Also new was that the release was targeted exclusively at Office 365 customers and not made available as a standalone product. It required activation via online subscription and offered no method for entering a serial number for perpetual use of the product.

The application was referenced in Office Blogs simply as “Outlook for Mac”. It . . .

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Outlook has a new database and you’ll find rebuilding easier and faster than rebuilding an Entourage database. Read about the new database in this post: Outlook, Outlook, how does your Database grow?

Often when importing from an older version, you will need to export your data as .rge or .mbox files rather than selecting to import from an older Identity. See the Entourage Help Page for instruction. We are also seeing issues importing large .PST . . .

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Outlook, Outlook, how does your Database grow?

Database file

Administrators on the mailing list recently discussed their observations about the behavior of the Microsoft Outlook for Mac Database file. Unlike Microsoft Entourage, which stores messages within the Database file and creates one multi-megabyte or even multi-gigabyte file, Outlook is suppose to store messages separately from the Database file. The purpose is to make Time Machine backups and similar management much easier.

However, one administrator noticed that with a brand new Outlook Database, one . . .

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Both Entourage and Outlook for Mac utilize a database for quick retrieval of messages when browsing and searching. However, each application has a radically different database design from the other and each uses a Microsoft proprietary format.


Entourage and Outlook store their database files in:

The ” ~ ” (tilde) represents the user home folder, such as /Users/johndoe, and the Main Identity folder is named this by default but may be a different . . .

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Terms used with Entourage, Outlook & Apple Account Archive (zip) “Archive and Install” of the Mac OS Autofil, Autocomplete or Most Recently Used (MRU) AutoUpdate (MAU) Daemons Database for Entourage Digital Signatures Domain Encryption File Extensions Identity/User IMAP and POP Accounts Invisible files Jargon Log Out/In Mac not MAC Mac BU MERP MBOX Microsoft AU daemon Microsoft User Data folder (MUD) Most Recently Used (MRU) a.k.a. AutoComplete list MVP Notifications Online Access Packages POP Accounts . . .

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Poll: How big is your database?

Want to know how the size of your database compares to other users? Take our poll and check back to compare.

If you follow us on twitter, you will will be able to easily participate in any future polls.

Don’t know how to check for the size of your database?

. . .

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Quit all Microsoft applications before backing up

To successfully backup your Entourage database, be sure all Microsoft applications and the Microsoft Database daemon are quit before backing up. New to Entourage 2008, Office Reminders are not quit when the Microsoft Database daemon is quit. . . .

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Microsoft, ditch the Entourage Database!

“If E-mail is your life and you use Entourage then the Database file is the single most important file on your computer.”

One month from this week Microsoft MVPs will be attending the MVP Summit held at Microsoft every 12-18 months. One month from today Mac MVPs will get their opportunity to give feedback directly to the folks who make Office for Mac. This is face-to-face feedback and discussion covering everything from bugs to . . .

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Entourage 2008 corrects several annoying behaviors for home users

“The Create a mailing list rule option is now gone from the Junk E-mail Protection window. Hallelujah!”

Having participated in the Microsoft public newsgroups for a few years, I’ve come to easily spot a few questions that are the result of problems with Entourage 2004. Maybe the problems are poor user interface or maybe they are just the result of short-thinking on Microsoft’s part.

Some of these problems have been addressed in Entourage 2008 and . . .

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