Using Outlook with Word, Excel & PowerPoint

FAQs How do you use email merge with Word? When I select File > Share> Email As Attachment from Word, Excel or PowerPoing, Apple Mail opens even though I have set Outlook as default. Can I compose a message using Word then send with Outlook for Mac? How do I insert clip art into a mail message without first putting it into a Word document and then dragging it to the message? All the Excel . . .

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Word for Mac 2011 bring big changes. VBA is back! Word 2011 is more like it’s Window’s counterpart than ever before. The ribbon is a big change, but users are finding that once they get used to the new feature they are more productive. Word 2011 includes improved collaboration tools that supports Microsoft SharePoint, SkyDrive, simultaneous document editing and Microsoft’s Information Rights Management (IRM) tools. Definitely a recommended upgrade.

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