Basics for a Successful Rebuild

The Database Utility is used to create, delete, set default identity and rebuild an identity. To access the Database Utility, hold down the Option key when launching Outlook. You can also find the Database Utility in the Microsoft Office 2011 folder in the Office folder.

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Microsoft Database

Rebuilding should be avoided unless there is database corruption. If your Identity will open, rather than rebuild, try exporting your data and move to a . . .

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Basics: Folders On My Computer

With the new unified Inbox option in Outlook that groups your Inboxes, Drafts, Deleted Items and Junk folders, some users are confused over mail that is downloaded to their computer or mail that is on the server. More info on the unified Inbox.

What are folders “On My Computer”?

Messages that are in folders under “On My Computer” are stored on your computer. Exchange users often archive messages from their Exchange account to “On My . . .

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Poll: How often do you backup your Entourage Identity?

If you haven’t backed up lately then your data must not be important. If you are using Time Machine to backup, did you know that backing up while any Microsoft application is open can result in a corrupted database?

If you haven’t entered your info in the poll How big is your database?, please add your info. Currently, the largest number of users fall in the 1-4 GB range. The more users that contribute . . .

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Backup Your Contacts

Learn to backup your Entourage contacts using several options. Set up an Automator workflow that can be scheduled to backup automatically. Manually export your data as .rge and tab-delimited files. Save a .csv files for uploading to an online Address Book. . . .

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Backup individual items

How to backup Microsoft Entourage Mail, Contacts, Calendar Events, Notes and Tasks as individual items using different file formats. . . .

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Is corruption hiding in your database?

Be sure your Identity does not contain hidden corruption by testing with the Entourage Database Utility and exporting your data as Entourage archive and MBOX files. Includes help to successfully rebuild your Identity. . . .

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Backup Entourage

When losing your data is not an option, learn how to backup your Entourage data. . . .

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Are receipts causing your update to fail?

Check your receipts folder if you are having problems updating after you deleted Office 2008. . . .

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Office 12.1.5 and Apple 10.5.6 updates

If you have not installed Office 12.1.5, I suggest not installing the Mac OS X 10.5.6 at the same time. Not that I expect problems, but if you do experience a problem, it’s easier to troubleshoot one update at a time.

I installed Office 12.1.5 on December 9 when it was released then OS X 10.5.6 on December 15. I’m seeing no conflicts using Entourage 12.1.5 with Leopard 10.5.6.

Suggestions for a good update.

. . .

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