Microsoft revamps features for Outlook for Mac 15

Outlook 15

Microsoft released Outlook for Mac 15, departing from its history of bundling the application with its Office for Mac suite. Also new was that the release was targeted exclusively at Office 365 customers and not made available as a standalone product. It required activation via online subscription and offered no method for entering a serial number for perpetual use of the product.

The application was referenced in Office Blogs simply as “Outlook for Mac”. It . . .

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Fusion drive solution to activate Office for Mac 2011

Activating Office 2011 is a known issue for Fusion Drive Macs.

[Some users are reporting on Apple Discussions that 10.9.2 has fixed the issue]

Activation is tied to the drive. According to Microsoft the solid state part of the Fusion Drive generates a new disk id every time the Mac is started. So Mac Office thinks it a new system at each startup and will require activation.

This solution was suggested by Microsoft Support. Please . . .

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Office 2011 to require activation

Starting with Office for Mac 2011, activation will be required. Now that activation is required. you also need to look at the differences in how many computers your license allows you to install Office for Mac 2011. If you have multiple computers, you’ll need to know how this affects which version you purchase.

. . .

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Registration is not required

There have been a lot of frustrated Office 2008 users that have tried to register their copy of Office on the new Mactopia website, but received product invalid error.

Currently, the Mactopia site is broken for this function. “Registration” has nothing to do with the operation of the software – unlike the Activation required for MS Windows software. It’s little more than a marketing tool.

. . .

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