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Excel 2011 has huge improvements over previous versions. The ribbon replaces the floating toolbars & palettes. You can customize the Ribbon, or even disable it if you wish. Excel 2011’s includes automatic pivot table creation with a new PivotTable Builder to ease building and modification of pivot tables, and pivot table report designs, layouts, and styles. VBA is back so if you were stuck in Excel 2004, you can finally retire Office 2004. Sharing and protecting spreadsheets along with full information rights management makes Excel 2011 worth the upgrade to Office for Mac 2011.



  1. Does Excel for Mac support add-ins?

    Mac Excel 2011 doesn’t support XLL add-ins. Only VBA-based add-ins are supported.

  2. Does Excel for Mac 2011 run the VBA projects created in Windows?

    Actice-x is not supported on the Macintosh.

  3. Old files always ask to save, even when opened then closed. How do I fix?

    MSFT is investigating it. In most cases, re-saving in Excel 2011 to a different file format (such as xlsx or xlsb) will make this problem go away. If it doesn’t, you will have to try a Windows Excel machine.

  4. See Macworld’s Office 2011: Excel FAQ


Microsoft’s Excel Pages


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