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Document Connection

document connection icon

Microsoft Document Connection is a SkyDrive and SharePoint connection tool introduced with Office 2008 and upgraded for Office 2011. It offers an easier way for Mac users to interact with SkyDrive and SharePoint files such as drag-and-drop uploading and downloading as well as “rich application support”.

Rich application support allows a user to double-click a file in Document Connection, automatically downloading and opening it in its native application such as Excel or Word. Document edits are transparently uploaded to the server when saving normally. When a file is closed the document is “checked in” and made accessible to other users.

Document Connection is a short term intermediate application offering enterprise Macs SharePoint support while Microsoft re-develops its products to be more compatible with non-Windows systems. Office 2011 includes two SharePoint plug-ins (located in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/) for Firefox and Safari to enable users to click on a file link in SharePoint and open the document directly in its rich application when using SharePoint 2010 and higher. These plug-ins along with SharePoint 2010 greatly reduce the need for Document Connection.

For a tutorial about using Microsoft Document Connection read MacTech Magazine’s article:

“SharePoint parity for Macs?,” or, “What users need to know about Microsoft’s newest collaboration tool.”

Document Connection is not included in Office 2016.

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