Set Outlook 2016 for Mac as default email app

Thanks to sandboxing, there is no setting in Outlook 2016 for Mac Preferences to set Outlook as the default email app. You can read the Microsoft KB: Outlook 2016 for Mac cannot be set as the default application in Mac OS X Yosemite for details on why this option was removed.

To set Outlook as default, you have open Apple Mail > Preferences > General tab to set Outlook as default. However there is a slight hitch to using Mail to set Outlook as default. If you don’t have Mail setup to use an email account, you can’t access preferences.

I suggest adding an iCloud account for easy setup. Open System Preferences > iCloud. Check Mail to add your iCloud email. If you have never setup an iCloud email, it will prompt you to create an iCloud email.


Set Outlook as default:

Open Mail Preferences:


Under General, select Outlook as default from popup options.

default email

Alternative options:
1) If you still have Outlook 2011, you can set Outlook as default in Outlook 2011 Preferences > General. The system will default to the newer Outlook 2016.

2)  You can download IC-Switch (free) to set default Outlook as default. IC-Switch allows you to change your default emailer, Web browser or news reader in one click.



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