Use TextSoap to clean up text in Outlook for Mac

Entourage users will remember the option we had to clean up text using Auto Text Cleanup. Auto Text Cleanup was not included in Outlook. If you are replying or forwarding an email, you have to manually clean up the text.


You can replace Auto Text Cleanup with TextSoap. Not only does TextSoap work in Outlook, but all your applications. TextSoap v8.0 was just released with many new features. Check out the demo. I’ve used this great app for years and find it an invaluable tool.

  • Clean plain or rich text of unwanted formatting issues.
  • Create custom cleaners to match your specific text transformation needs.
  • Use batch file cleaning easily process a whole collection of files.

You can purchase directly or via the Mac App Store. Curently, on sale for $29.99 for new users. Upgrade pricing starts at $22.99. Regular price $44.99.

I always recommend buying directly from the developer rather than the App Store. Not only do you get updates quicker, Apple doesn’t take a percentage of the sale price.

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