Create a new Profile (Identity) in Outlook v15

Outlook v15 uses the term Profiles not Identities.

In Outlook 2011, you could hold down the Option key when launching Outlook to open the Database Utility to create a new Identity. In Outlook v15 (Office for Mac 2016 Preview) see the following steps to create a new Profile (Identity).

Create a new Profile.

  • To create a new profile, in Finder, browse to the Application folder.
  • Press CTRL and then click Microsoft Outlook to see the contextual menu, and then click Show Package Contents.
  • In the Contents > SharedSupport folder, double-click Outlook Profile Manager (previously called Database Utility).
  • In the Outlook Profile Manager window, click the Add (+) button and give the profile a name.
  • Next, click the Options button and click Set as Default.
  • Open Outlook

TIP: You might want to select Keep in Dock to make it easy to get back to the Profile Manager.






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10 comments to Create a new Profile (Identity) in Outlook v15

  • benjitek

    Great tip — though once the Profile is created and I run Outlook 2016, it doesn’t prompt me to choose a profile and there doesn’t appear to be a way to switch profiles once the app is running…

    • Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. To switch profiles, you will have to launch the Profile Manager and select new profile. Microsoft has removed all previous options to switch Profiles (Identities)

  • jim

    hi thanks. however this loses all the data, no?

  • Johnny

    I 3 accounts on my iMac but do not know how to like them to a the profiles I created, currently everything is put in the same Inbox. How do I keep these separate?

    • Thomas Gruber

      go to Outlook – Preferences – General. Remove the check mark in the first row – “Group similar folders, such as inboxes, from different accounts”
      after that you should see the inboxes for each account separately.
      That’s still inside 1 profile – not directly related to the profile discussion in this thread.
      Kind regards

  • Scott Knuchel

    Does anyone know if this can be done through the AppleScript commands that are still work on 2016?

  • Juan

    I couldn’t find this anywhere. You’re truly amazing.
    Thanks so much.

  • Sachin


    Thanks for the great information on this site.

    I needed little assistance.
    If I use Spotlight search for some keyword, it gives me entries for ‘Mails and Messages’. But the problem is that, many of those entries are in olk14_message format.
    I had earlier Outlook 2011 installed and now I have Outlook 2016 installed.

    So if I try to open the olk14_message entry, it is not able to recognize the application. I tried associating ‘Outlook 2016’, but then it opens a new message/email editor window with the selected message attached to it.

    Any idea how can I get rid of olk14_message entries?
    If I open results in finder, I can see that for such olk14_messages, there is corresponding olk15_message entry as well.

  • Sachin

    Found the necessary info here:

    I deleted Office 2011 Data folder, and its working fine now.