Add iCloud account to Outlook v15

You can add your iCloud email to Outlook v15 but there still is no sync for CalDAV and CardDAV. This mean no sync for contacts and calendars with  iCloud, Google, Yahoo, AOL or any account that uses CalDAV and CardDAV. If you want sync for contacts and calendars, get a Microsoft online Exchange account for $4/month for 50 Gb. Exchange will sync message, contacts, calendars, notes and tasks.

Currently, Outlook v15.9 does not auto setup iCloud accounts.

Add iCloud account to Outlook

Select Accounts in Outlook Preferences


Select Other Email… In the Accounts window

setup iCloud outlook..

Enter the following settings:

Incoming Server:, Use SSL
Outgoing Server:, Use port 587, SSL and Authentication

Some articles suggest you add a specific number like , etc. I found using the basic settings worked for me. You can add your account in Apple Mail to get the exact settings to use if needed.

You might need to restart Outlook before it connects and you see the green indicator for connected.

setup iCloud outlook

setup iCloud outlook...

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