Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2011 14.4.5 Update

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.4.4 Update. (113.6 MB) Installation requires first installing the cumulative 14.1.0 (SP1) update if running an earlier version of Office for Mac 2011.  According to the new update’s description it addresses a security issue and fixes for Outlook, one of which is specific to Apple’s new OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) release.

Although Office for Mac’s code was updated to address a critical vulnerability, according to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-061 the security issue is “not applicable” to Office for Mac.

Fixes include:

  • Outlook  Addresses an issue where Outlook’s Main Window wouldn’t appear after restarting the application on Yosemite.
  • Outlook – Addresses an issue that enabled unnecessary junk email data to sync with Exchange Server 2007 and 2010.

Users should quit all Office applications and web browsers prior to updating. This update is also available via the Microsoft AutoUpdate application. Select Check for Updates from the Help menu. It is also available for immediate download.

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9 comments to Microsoft releases Office for Mac 2011 14.4.5 Update

  • Sharon

    I updated to the 14.4.5 and now my email with Cox Communications will not send anymore! After almost an hour on the phone trying different settings, they tell me that it must be the update to Outlook. And yes, the update “date” and the failure dates coincide…… Am I SOL???

    • Have you restarted since updating Office? Have you run Repair Permissions in Disk Utility?

      If you still have problems…

      Open the Database Utility by holding down the Option key when launching Outlook. Click on the + to create a new Identity. Add your Cox email account. Does it work now?

      • Donna

        I am having the same problem as Sharon. After the update to 14.4.5, I can receive e-mail but I cannot send it. I get no error and the e-mails show up in the “sent” folder but they are never deleted. What can I do to fix this problem?

        I tried the solution you suggested for Sharon but it did not help


  • Leif

    I have office 14.4.4
    I did get a notification about 14.4.5
    When downloaded it will not install.
    I get a message saying that there is no version on my hard drive that can be updated! (Free translation from Swedish) 😉
    I tried both the updater and downloading the .dmg
    The updater just hung while the .dmg gave the above message.
    Does anyone have any good ideas.

  • Dave

    I recently bought a new MacBook Pro which came with Yosemite. I also bought a new version of Office:Mac 2011. I don’t want Office 365 for a variety of reasons. Before I install Office on my new Mac is there anything I should do to ensure it runs? Any tips or guidelines? Thanks