Mavericks Palatino font and Word 2011

The following info comes from Apple Discussions

Palatino is my favorite font. But since installing Mavericks, superscripting doesn’t work right in Microsoft Word.

According to Kurt Lang, author of Font Management in OS X the Palatino font supplied by Mavericks is flawed.

Two fixes:

1) Remove the Palatino font from the /System/Library/Fonts/ folder and use the same named font installed by Mountain Lion or Lion. Both work correctly.

    In Mavericks, Palatino is installed to the /System/Library/Fonts/ folder.
    In ML & Lion, that same (correctly working) font is installed to the /Library/Fonts/ folder.

2) Use Palatino Linotype, which is supplied with Office 2011, which also works correctly.

Please ask followup questions on the Apple Discussions post.

You need to report it to Apple Feedback so it can be logged and put in the queue to be fixed.

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