Using Entourage in Mavericks

Both Office 2004 and Office 2008 are End of Life applications. This means they are not longer supported and will receive no updates or fixes. Office 2008 does run under Mavericks. There are a few issues, but no show stoppers. See this post for more info. Users that are still using Office 2004, will have to upgrade to a newer version of Office or move to Apple’s applications. Office 2004 will run under Snow Leopard and older OS X versions only.

Before you upgrade…

We see many users that upgrade to Mavericks and find out that their Entourage data does not import or they need to re-install to get Entourage working properly.

If you are getting a new computer, do not get rid of the old commuter before you safely have your data imported to the new drive.

If you are upgrading, the best advice I can give anyone before upgrading is to make a clone of your drive first. I recommend SuperDuper!.  While Time Machine is great for restoring, a clone is your best option in case you need to work on your old data to recover your data. You can’t boot into Time Machine to rebuild your Entourage Identity. You can boot into your clone to rebuild if needed.

If you need to re-install Office 2008 when Migration fails, most new computers do not have a CD drive so you need to purchase the Apple USB SuperDrive or make a CD Image of your Office 2008 CD on your old computer. There is no digital download of Office 2008.

If you have a large email archive stored locally, I suggest you save as .mbox files. The .rge format can only be imported by Entourage and Outlook. To create mbox files, use this script or download and run EmailChemy. EmailChemy can convert the .mbox files to .rge for easy import into Entourage or Outlook. Another advantage of saving as .mbox files is each folder is saved individually. With the .rge file you have to import the entire file to recover a single folder.

SyncServices no longer works in Mavericks. You would need to sync your contacts and calendars to Apple Contacts and Calendars before upgrading to Mavericks or manually export/import your files. Neither Entourage nor Outlook support CalDAV or CardDAV. These protocols support iCloud, Google, Yahoo and AOL contact and calendar sync.

Move your data

Moving from POP to IMAP is highly advised. If you must use POP, I recommend moving to Apple Mail rather than Outlook. Outlook is a great IMAP and Exchange client but if your Identity fails you can loose your emails stored locally.

To move your Entourage 2oo8 Identity to the new computer, open Entourage and let it create a new Microsoft User Data folder. Quit Entourage. Move your Main Identity from your old computer into the new Microsoft User Data > Office 2008 Identities folder in Documents and replace the new blank Entourage Identity. Set Identity as default. Entourage Identities restored from Time Machine are often too corrupted to run.

To move your Entourage 2008 Identity into Outlook 2011, move the Office 2008 Identities folder into the new Microsoft User Data folder in Documents. Open Outlook and select to import from Entourage 2008. Unless the data is damaged, Outlook will import. However, if your Identity has corruption, you would need to recover before Outlook can import.

If you plan on moving to Apple Mail, I suggest you do the import prior to upgrading. Apple Mail in Mavericks will no longer import from Entourage.  If you have IMAP accounts, you enter the account in Mail and all your data will download from the server. The “On My Computer” folders in Entourage will have to be exported as .mbox files. Mail does not import from the .rge format.

Re-install Office 2008

Original DVDs of Office 2008 come with the installed version 12.0.0. Newer shipping DVDs install 12.1.0 (SP1) or 12.2.0 (SP2)

After installing verify version installed. Manually download or select “Check for updates” under Help in the Menubar in any Office application to update fully. If you do not update fully after reinstalling Office 2008, your identity might fail to open.

Manual download:

Updaters must be applied in order.

12.1.0 SP1  download

12.2.0 SP2 requires 12.1.0 or higher be installed  download

12.3.6 Requires 12.2.0 or higher be installed. download

Exchange Accounts

Entourage 2008 v12.3.6 supports Exchange 2003. If you are using Exchange 2007 and higher, update to EWS, Entourage Web Services Addition. update fully to v12.3.6 then run this updater:


If you need assistance updating and moving your data, contact me for personal help.

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3 comments to Using Entourage in Mavericks

  • H Orth

    from time to time Office 2008 requests identity update for addresses and emails. This needs about 3 minutes or more
    in which nothing can be done on the mac under Lion as well under Mavericks.
    What should be done to avoid this ?

  • Karen Coombes

    Hi, I blindly installed Mavericks without knowing Entourage would no longer be supported. So now I have lost all my emails and contacts ( yes, I know I should have archived them…). I am now using Mail – is there any way of retrieving my stored emails?