Move your Entourage contacts to Apple Contacts in Mavericks

A user recently asked for help migrating her contacts from Entourage’s Address Book to Apple Contacts.

I use both categories and the custom fields for my contacts. Some contacts have multiple categories. I need to retain this information. Many of my contacts are folks that without their photo or category I wouldn’t remember who they are.

Since Sync Services has been discontinued in Mavericks, you have to manually move your data unless you can revert to an older OS X and use Sync Services to move your data to Apple Address Book.

This method gets most of the data including any photos associated contacts.

Move contacts by category:

  1. Open Entourage.
  2. Sort your contacts in Entourage by category.
  3. Drag to desktop folder as .vcf files.
  4. Import (drag) into Apple Contacts.
  5. Select Last Import to view the contacts you just added.
  6. Add them to a Group to retain the “category”.
  7. Repeat for each category.

VCF files do not include custom text nor date fields (including spouse, children, interests, etc.). Export contacts as tab delimited text file. Import file into Contacts. This gets MOST of the fields but does not get Children.

I hesitate to mention this option since it’s no longer available for purchase, but Paul Berkowitz’s Export-Import scripts will export everything to a .txt file including Children as well as a field with all the categories assigned to a contact. I do have the scripts and offer my services to users that need specialized help getting all their data out of Entourage.

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