Use VBA to convert numbers to words in Excel

From the Excel for Mac forums in Microsoft’s Community website:

Is it possible to convert numbers into words in Excel 2011 for MAC?

For example,

USD19,324.50 -> US Dollar Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty Four Dollar and Fifty Cents

Fellow MVP Bob Greenblatt directed the poster to Microsoft’s instructions for How to convert a numeric value into English words in Excel. Below are the equivalent steps for Excel for Mac. Note: these instructions will not work with Excel for Mac 2008 because it does not support Visual Basic.

Create the new Visual Basic function

  1. Launch Excel for Mac.
  2. Choose Tools menu > Macro > Visual Basic Editor. This will open the Project window.
    Tools menu > Macro > Visual Basic Editor
  3. While viewing the Project window choose Insert menu > Module. This will open an empty Code window for the current workbook.
    Insert > Module
  4. Copy the Visual Basic code from Microsoft’s knowledgebase article and paste it into the Code window in Excel. Excel will automatically format the code for easier reading and editing.
    Pasted code
  5. Choose Excel menu > Close And Return To Microsoft Excel to close the Project and Code windows. This does not quit Excel itself and will not prompt to save your code.
    Quit and Return to Microsoft Excel

Use the new function

This new function works similar to other functions when creating formulas. These are two simple ways to call it in the spreadsheet.


In any cell enter the formula: =SpellNumber(10.13)

Note that Excel auto-completes the SpellNumber function for you.

Direct entry

When you press the return key the forumla converts the numbers to words: Ten Dollars and Thirteen Cents

Completed entry

Cell Reference

In cell A1 enter the number: 10.13

In cell A2 enter the formula: =SpellNumber(A1)

When you press the return key the formula is replaced with the text version of the number in cell A1.


Replace the number in cell A1 with: 52360.10

When you press the return key the content of cell A2 automatically updates.


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