Office 2008 apps open with new window after upgrading to Mavericks

Office 2008 applications will open with a new window after the upgrade to Mavericks. While it’s not a show stopper to close the window, it seems to greatly annoy some users.

The fix is NOT to launch from the Dock. Launch directly from Applications or use a launcher.  You can even put an alias on your Desktop to launch.

Launchers: Spotlight search can be used to launch your applications or try one of these third party apps LaunchBar, Butler, Alfred and QuickSilver. A search in Mac App Store (MAS) for “launchers” brings up dozens. Many are free.

Use Spotlight to launch your Office apps.

  • Click on the Spotlight icon (small magnifying glass) in the top right of the Menu bar or use the shortcut Command-Spacebar.
  • Start typing in the name of the app.
  • Select to launch.


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