Use AppleScript to instantly view a date in Outlook for Mac’s Calendar

In an earlier blog post I provided an undocumented tip for quickly scrolling to a date in Outlook for Mac’s Calendar. Now, using the following AppleScript a user can navigate instantly to a specific date.

Get the script

Download and open the script in Script Editor or view it at the end of this post. Save the new script to your desktop as “View Date\comV.scpt”. The “\comV” part of the file name will give the script the keyboard shortcut Control-Option-Command-V. Change the modifier keys or the letter if needed.


To install this script choose the AppleScript menu > About This Menu in Outlook for Mac.

About This Menu

Click the Open Folder button in the dialog to open the Outlook Script Menu Items folder in the Finder.

About This Menu

Drag the the “View Date\comV.scpt” file into this folder. The script will appear immediately in Outlook’s AppleScript menu without needing to restart.

Using View Date

Once installed, choose View Date from Outlook’s AppleScript menu or use the keyboard shortcut Control-Option-Command-V.

View Date menu item

Enter a date and click the OK button. The date appears in the current calendar view.

View Date dialog

The script accepts any valid date OS X can understand such “8/4/13” or “August 4, 2013”.

 The script

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