PowerPoint Slide Missing Text

If you have a PowerPoint slide that has missing text, use Font Book to check for a bad font.

Use Font Book to validate your fonts

  1. Open Font Book in your Applications folder.
  2. Click in the list of fonts and select all (Edit > Select All).
  3. Under File in the Menu bar, select Validate Fonts.
  4. Duplicate fonts will be marked with either the yellow badge or a black dot. You will get a red badge warning for a bad font.
  5. Select to remove bad font(s) and delete duplicates.*
  6. Delete font caches (I like Font Nuke but there are other utilities that delete cache files as well, how to)
  7. Restart your computer

* Step 5 – You can select to let Font Book disable or remove duplicates, but I prefer to manually remove duplicates. Font Book removes the font you have been using rather than removing the older version. For example, if you have been using Andale Mono, it will remove the Andale Mono.ttf that is a newer version of this font. If the font is bad. let Font Book delete it for you.

Note:  Microsoft Office installs duplicate fonts. See this article, Font Management for info on removing the old fonts installed by Office.

For more info on Fonts see Kurt Lang’s Font Management in OS X.

Avoid missing font styles in PowerPoint

  • Use basic fonts that everyone uses like Arial, Times New Roman, Symbol, and Courier New.
  • If you choose to use a custom font, embed your font in the presentation.

For individual help with Office for Mac PowerPoint, visit Microsoft Answers

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