From the Outlook forum: Fix sharing to email issues

Outlook for Mac forum poster londonrjt posted this issue about four months ago:

I am trying to send a document I have produced as an attachment to an email.  Each time I try to send the document directly from Word I get the error message: “Word was unable to mail your document.  Please make sure your mail program is configured correctly and that you can send mail with it”.

Since that time, five others including myself have also seen this issue. I found that not only was this affecting Word for Mac but also Excel and PowerPoint. Using the File menu –> Share –> Email (As Attachment)… or Email (As HTML)… feature should pass the current document to Outlook for Mac and create a new message ready to send. However, we would see the following message:

Word error

After troubleshooting whether this was an issue specific to Mountain Lion, an email account type (POP, IMAP or Exchange) or an identity problem, I was still unable to send my current document. I even followed other suggestions to verify my Outlook was properly set as the default email application.

I managed to resolve my issue by restarting my Mac and holding the Shift key down as it booted. This started the Mac in Safe Mode, which prevented third party (non-Apple) extensions from loading and cleared some system caches. Once I saw my desktop I restarted normally.

Restarting normally allowed my third party extensions to load but I was also able to use Word’s Share command to send my document to Outlook. After posting my solution to the Outlook for Mac forum, londonrjt reported he flushed his system caches using Safe Mode and was able to send as well.

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1 comment to From the Outlook forum: Fix sharing to email issues

  • Just wanted to chime in here and say that I just had a user have this problem with Powerpoint, and simply closing Outlook and trying to share again from Powerpoint (thus causing Outlook to relaunch) seems to have done the trick.